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Stretching 101: Increase Muscle Control And Flexibility

To have a fit body is everybody’s wanted. We always look up on how to become fit and maintain a healthy body. Yet, we ended up there without doing something. We sit down and think of how we can have a healthy and fit body. Why not we put up thinking and doing together? We can think of some exercising techniques and put it int action. Meaning, let’s not make it end up only in our mind, we can actually take it into action. Most healthy and fit people followed a balanced diet while performing exercises. These are their ways to achieve a healthy and a body into shape. Stretching is one of the best effective exercises that can be performed.
What is stretching?

With many exercising positions, stretching is one of the most very common. Stretching is a simple form of physical exercise. A specific tendon or muscle is deliberately flexed or stretched to enhance the muscle’s elasticity. It results in a comfortable muscle tone. You can perform this simple physical exercise as a part of your daily exercising positions. As an end result, you will have the feeling of flexibility, a range of motion and increases muscle control. There are different kind of stretching positions to perform. Is there a difference between dynamic stretching and dynamic warm up? This is a particular question that needs to have clarification. Since stretching is an ideal exercise for our muscle, then you must be interested in this.

Dumbbell Deadlift

Dynamic stretching and Dynamic warm up

Dynamic stretching – it is the center of a particular warm-up routine for different reasons. It activates the muscles that you use throughout your workout. It actually improves the range of motion. Both connective tissues and muscle fibers gain more flexibility. In fact, a research has shown that it helps to improve flexibility, increase power, and increase a body’s range of motion. Dynamic stretching must be used when performing a warm-up routine.

Stretching positions:

  • walking lunges
  • torso twists
  • leg swings
  • hamstring stretch
  • posterior capsule stretch
  • quadriceps stretch.

Dynamic warm-up – it is a series of movements which designed in increasing body temperature, increases the range of motion, correct limitations and activates the nervous system.

Dynamic warm-up positions:

  • Child’s pose breathing
  • Glute bridge
  • Upper back rotation
  • Half kneeling adductor dip
  • Wall hip flexor mobilization
  • Rocking ankle mobilization
  • Back-to-wall shoulder flexion
  • Walking lunge
  • Alternating side lunge
  • Inchworm