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Which type lease return is best for your truck?

You can lease return trucks for both personal use and commercial purposes. Every purpose has different benefit and terms.The major benefit of lease return truck is that when you sale your trucks in the future then you will get good value of your vehicle. You can lease the truck for both personal and business or commercial purpose.

Personal truck leasing

  • If you want to buy a new truck for your personal use with low payment on a monthly basis, then personal leasing is best for you. The personal lease provides you a closed type facility.
  • Leasing a truck on personal lease is similar like leasing a car or minivan. The personal lease gives benefits of lower monthly payments which are much less than buying with a loan.The personal leasewill not require a down payment. You can also save a lot of money in taxes by taking the truck on the personalHence,Personal lease may less expensive than lending a loan or buying a new truck
  • Generally, it’sa little bit unusual to end a lease early without getting much profit from it. So you can’t able to pay monthly lease then its advice to not lease a truck. It is expensive for you to end the lease atan early

used trucks in dallasBusiness or Commercial Truck Leasing

Truck leasing for commercial or business purpose is different than taking a personal lease for a vehicle.Business or commercial truck leasing is different in the following ways-

  • Usually, people use a different type of lease for Commercial Truck Leasing. Most business vehicle leases are open type leases, while personal leases are closed type.
  • Open type leasesare more flexible.
  • Monthly payments for Business or Commercial Truck Leasing are higher than personal leases and also the risk is higher. Also, you can save the taxes if you use the vehicle for business purposes.


Personal truck leasing is usually done with a closed lease, which has low money payment, less flexibility, residual value, high risk of loss, has some tax benefit and otherwise works exactly like a truck or car lease. Do not take a personal lease on a vehicle, which you want to use for commercial purpose. A business truck lease is an open lease that saves capital, is very flexible, has higher money benefits, has various tax, and less risk of loss.